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Nortel Meridian M7208 Phons:

The Nortel Meridian M7208 telephone has 8 programmable keys which can be programmed as Lines, External Speed Dial or Features. Click on this link to get the M7208 at a great deal.

Link: Meridian Norstar M7208 Phone

Nortel Meridian Norstar M7100 Phone:

The Nortel Meridian M7100 Telephone has a single button which can be programmed as Feature Key only. The Nortel M7100 is great for people who do not answer many phone calls.

Link: Meridian Norstar M7100 Phone


Nortel Meridian Norstar Phones:

This site has all the Nortel Meriddian Norstar Telephones such as the M7310, M7208, M7310N, M7208N, T7316e, T7208, T7100 and also all the Meridian 1 telephones such as M3905, M3904, M3903, M3902, M3820, M3310, M3110 and the M2216D, M2616.

Link : Meridian Norstar Phones


Telephone Systems, Nortel Meridian Norstar Telephone System, BT Versatility, BCM50 Phones Systems :

Specialists in Nortel Meridian Telephone Systems, Meridian Norstar, BT Versatility, Siemens, Avaya, Mitel & Conference Phones & Phone Systems. Lowest Prices Online.

Link: Telephone Systems


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Nortel meridian M7310 Telephone

The Nortel Meridian M7310 is Nortel Executive telephone in their M Range section. The M7310 comes with 12 programmable keys which double up to 24 and has a 2 tier screen. Great for reception or as a managers phone. Nortel made these in 3 colours Dolphin Grey, Black and Beige.

Link: Norstar M7310 Phone

Usefull Avaya Telephone Links

Avaya Telephones

Avaya 5610SW IP telephone

Avaya 1608 IP telephone

Avaya 1616 IP telephone

Avaya Index DT1

Avaya Index DT3

Avaya Index DT4

Avaya Index DT5


There are many companies that manufacture headsets, single ear headsets also known as Monaural and double ear headsets alson known as Binaural Headsets. You can get noise cancelling headsets or voice tube headset that do not cancel out noise within the office. Some of the top companies are Plantronics, Jabra, Agent and JPL. If you require a headset to work with your office telephone then click below to see all the different ones we stock.

JPL Headsets

Agent Headsets

Jabra Headsets

Plantronics Headsets

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BT Versatility Telephone Equipment

BT Versatility telephone system is UK's most widely used telephone system for small to median size companies. The BT Versatility Phone System comes configured with 2 analogue lines, 8 digital extension and voice-mail. The Featurephones that work on the system are the BT Versatility V16, BT Versatility V8 and the basic BT Versatility V Featurephone.

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